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I am running for Fircrest City Council because I believe that with strength in community and a concerted approach, we can build a future Fircrest that delivers the quality of life you deserve. With over 14 years experience in the finance sector, including nearly 5 years in risk management, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and collaborative decision making.


Many of us are experiencing dramatic change. Navigating through COVID-19, job loss, childcare and homeschooling, the effects of systemic racism and renewed calls for social justice, and a multitude of other issues that are both national and local in scope takes its toll on both families and the broader community. As a member of city council I will actively engage with residents and listen to your voices in effort to understand your needs and concerns. I will work together with you to drive towards solutions that have a positive impact on the daily lives of Fircrest residents so that we can emerge stronger both individually and as a community.

As the pool and community project comes to a close and we set new goals and priorities, it is imperative that we have a forward looking City Council that listens to and represents the aspirations of the residents of Fircrest. I am committed to working hard for you to meet those goals while maintaining the sense of community that we know and love.  

My family came to Fircrest in 1970 when my grandparents purchased a home near what is now Thelma Gilmur Park. Though raised in University Place, I spent much of my youth in Fircrest, frequenting the parks and pool, and riding bikes with my sisters down Alameda.


I have always felt drawn to this community and after my husband Staley and I purchased my late grandparents home I am motivated to ensure that all residents, new and established, feel that same connection.

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Staley and I share our home with our loving golden retriever Watson. If you see us out and about, Watson would absolutely love it if you stopped us for a hello and a head scratch!

We also have two roommates - a feisty 3 year old cat named Fuego, and the boss of the house, a 15 year old cat named Jerry. 

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Tel. 253-227-0641

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Council members are elected to represent the citizens they serve. As a candidate and future council member I am committed to being available to you to ensure that we rise together as one community.

Please don't hesitate to reach out -

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