As a City Council Member, Nikki will focus on being an active participant in Fircrest’s future. Nikki believes that by working together with a shared vision, we can all play a role in maintaining the uniqueness of Fircrest as well as in creating positive changes for the growth of our Community.


Nikki believes that all residents have a role to play in decision making as well as in having an awareness of City actions that impact their lives. She believes in proactive communication with residents on projects and policy decisions to provide ample opportunity for resident feedback. Proactive communication also includes providing adequate notice to residents of potential interruptions caused by activities such as local construction or public works projects. Awareness and involvement in long-term strategic plans for the City presents an opportunity for residents to have a stake in community development and also provides forward-looking direction for City staff.

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Community Connection

Many of us have experienced significant changes over the past 18 months, whether it be driven by the ongoing pandemic, the demonstrations for social justice, or the contentious election and the polarizing political climate we find ourselves in today. It can reasonably be expected that some aspects of our lives pre-covid will not be returning.

Nikki is committed to taking a forward-looking approach to building connection with Community and Council. She will work with residents to understand how their daily lives are changing and what the City can do to meet their evolving needs. Maintaining and improving access to resources and public meetings, evaluating changes in demand for our parks and community events, and engaging with residents that reflect the rich cultural diversity we have in Fircrest are just a few ways in which we can build a collective sense of belonging and grow together as a community. 


Our region is in the midst of a housing crisis. People are struggling with exponential increases in housing costs, driving some to the point of homelessness. It is imperative that all cities in the region participate in addressing this issue. For Fircrest, this may include evaluating existing code requirements for building size, height, and lot size as well as other attributes. Council should actively support living wage job creation, fairer wages, and more opportunities for affordable housing in general.

Nikki encourages an inclusive approach with education and focus sessions available to the Community. Our council and Community should seek to strike a balance that allows us to incorporate more housing and types of housing while maintaining our green space, outdoor access, and existing structural aesthetics.


Equity and Inclusion

Nikki is committed to pursuing efforts to enhance equity, inclusion, and belonging and proposes the creation of an outreach program driven by a resident advisory committee. This advisory committee, representing the diverse populations of Fircrest, would be charged with reviewing new and existing policies and providing recommendations to Council to make changes where appropriate to address inequities. In addition, this advisory committee would work with the community to elevate concerns and bring relevant information to the forefront as warranted. While the advisory committee would not have decision-making authority, it would work together with the community to hold Council accountable for decisions as they relate to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 

Helping Hands
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The Environment

Climate change and pollution place the health of the world we live in at risk. We are witnessing increasing numbers of wildfires at higher intensities, air quality impacts from smoke, unprecedented droughts and temperature volatility, decreasing salmon runs and orca populations and more.

While we alone cannot solve global environmental issues, we have an obligation to do our part as a City. Nikki believes that Fircrest can take a leadership role in promoting policies and taking actions that support a cleaner, healthier environment. She looks forward to working with our local habitat stewards and environmental organizations to support policies and actions that provide a future in which all people can thrive.  


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Council members are elected to represent the citizens they serve. As a candidate and future council member I am committed to being available to you to ensure that we rise together as one community.

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